Leech: Now Available Beyond Amazon!

Chances are if you've found this website, it's because you picked up Leech on the Amazon Kindle store and decided to pay me a visit. If, however, you're new to this site (and me) and haven't read Leech yet, I wanted to let you know that it's now available on Nook, Kobo, and iBooks starting today.

Leech: Sometimes Love Sucks

Sometimes Love Sucks

Have you played around with Canva yet? It's a pretty great tool/service that lets you put together some nice looking marketing pieces pretty quickly. You can create everything from those tiny social media squares, posters, to a variety of page sized designs, and yes... book covers. If you're an indie writer without tons of money for buying your book cover designs, it's a great place to start.

A Positive Review From The Ardent Reader!


Asking someone to read a book is a big request. It can take a lot of time to work through a book and it sometimes requires an emotional investment that feels like too much to ask of another person, especially when we have so many other things demanding our attention. Leech just got a review from The Ardent Reader and I'm overwhelmed!

Leech Is Free Today... October 29th!

Want to read Leech, but don't have $3 to spare? Well, you can get it for free today!

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Trigger Warnings?

So, you spend months or even years laboring on your book. You fill it with observations on life that might be your own, interject ideas or themes that horrify you, and add bits and pieces of your own life that are precious and sacred to you. You mine current events, overheard antidotes, dreams, fears, and slices of your own experiences in order to craft something new and speak to something you think no one else has said. It's not an accident when a writer refers to his or her work as their "baby," and like a proud parent, a writer imagines and hopes for their creation's future.