Little Failures

I'm way overdue for an update here. It is both astonishing and embarrassing that my last post here was over three years ago. The obvious question is, what's going on? Or, maybe more accurately, what the heck happened?

I've still been writing, but the projects I have been working on haven't felt appropriate to share for a number of reasons.

  • My NaNoWriMo 2015 project, under the working title Revolution, is essentially finished, having gone through several drafts. I've talked about it a little in the past, but it is essentially a low-tech, near future story about a group of revolutionaries standing up to an oppressive government using zines as their weapon of choice. It's fairly short and probably sounds more grand than it actually is, but I really enjoyed writing it, and I am proud of it. The problem is that reality caught up to my story. The dystopian future I imagined was about unchecked police power, government surveillance, and people being held in jail without charges for years. It was about people of different faiths being made to carry around color-coded identification cards and being denied rights based on their faith. Then, during our last presidential term, all of those horrors I imagined about a slow creep towards authoritarianism ended up feeling kind of quaint given where we literally ended up here in the United States. Revolution essentially got left behind.
  • Tree Line, my NaNoWriMo project from 2016, should be done by now, but it just keeps growing and is now over 128,000 words. I could finish it up with maybe just another 20,000 words, but like Revolution, the events of real life have made me feel a little uneasy about releasing it. Tree Line, which I've shared some rough writing from in the past, is about a global pandemic that has destroyed humanity, leaving just a handful of survivors living in remote, mountaintop camps. The pandemic described in Tree Line isn't similar enough to COVID-19 that I feel like real world events ruined anything in the story (like they did for Revolution), but at the time of writing this post, we have 2.6 million deaths worldwide. It feels ghoulish try to finish and release something like this, given the real world suffering that a pandemic has brought. I'll likely work on this, here and there, and get it done, but sit on it for a while, maybe forever.
  • I mentioned I was working a co-writing project with Terry Taylor Hobbs. Its status hasn't changed much in the last few years: it still needs some polish before getting out into the world, even though it is done.
  • In NaNoWriMo 2019 I started another project with the working title Monarchs. It's a cyberpunk story set in Mexico. It is dreamy, strange, and sometimes a little beautiful, but it needs a lot of work. It is probably my most ambitious project, but likely least assessable. I’m not sure what will happen with this one.
  • Logorrhea was my NaNoWriMo project last year (2020) and it is coming along. It is about 70% to 80% finished and feels like something that might actually be released one day, perhaps even soon. I am, however, fully aware that I have said that several times in the past, so I am a little weary about making any promises.

My non-writing life has been busy. Both my wife and I have been really fortunate and have kept our jobs through this year-long health crisis, but we have also been working extra hard because of it. At the same time we have been trying to raise a teenaged son. I can't complain, because as I said, we've been fortunate, but things haven't always been easy.

I'll try to post more updates. I can't imagine anyone is dropping by here, after so many years without any new posts, but if you are stopping by, thank you for your interest. Post a comment, if you can, and tell me what you’ve been working on. I think this pandemic has made a lot of people feel really isolated, so take a chance and reach out.

Stay healthy, everyone!