Leech: Sometimes Love Sucks

Sometimes Love Sucks

Have you played around with Canva yet? It's a pretty great tool/service that lets you put together some nice looking marketing pieces pretty quickly. You can create everything from those tiny social media squares, posters, to a variety of page sized designs, and yes... book covers. If you're an indie writer without tons of money for buying your book cover designs, it's a great place to start.

My writing buddy Terry Taylor Hobbs and I were playing around with Canva, creating various cover mock-ups for our books, and she came up with this, the generic rom-com book cover for Leech. It's the tagline that gets me: "Sometimes Love Sucks." Hilarious.

Speaking of Terry Taylor Hobbs, she posted a trivia article for her book Zombie Tetherball on her site that you should check out if you're into that sort of thing. I kind of like those peeks behind the curtain and did one of my own back in October if you're interested.