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Someone waits alone in the dark, hoping for a visit from someone who isn't quite human. Leech started with a pretty simple idea for that first scene: what might be going through someone’s mind while they were waiting for a vampire to come to feed on them. Usually that kind of relationship is fraught with various power issues and dynamics, most often a man seducing and overpowering a woman. I thought it might be interesting to flip that around and work out how a female “vampire” might seduce and charm a male victim. The rest of the book flowed from there and focused on those reversed power dynamics and whether it was possible to have a lasting relationship with a monster.

Leech is available on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo Books and is described as:

Plagued by insomnia, the narrator walks the city looking for something, for someone to bring him peace. Then he finds Lillian, the puzzling, seductive stranger -- or does she find him? They are instantly drawn to each other in intimate and unexpected ways: each of them finding what they need, at least for awhile. But before they get too comfortable, Lillian alters their unspoken rules: first with an offer, then with a threat.

What starts as a quiet, intimate testing of boundaries, becomes a sprawling journey from a snowbound city, across the Atlantic Ocean, to sun-bleached routes through Greece. All the while retaining the intimacy of a one-room apartment. Our narrator changes his life in unimaginable ways but still needs more. He needs answers, he needs intimacy, he needs to feel human, but Lillian is an unhelpful teacher, keeping both her past and their future closely guarded secrets.

Leech is an unsettling, poetic, relationship tale riding a thin line of the supernatural.

How much can you give and how much can you take before it’s too much?

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